Thursday, August 23, 2012

Penny Rounds or Mini-Subways on Bathroom Walls

We are trying to solve the problem of tiling a curved wall.  We both love subway tile, but a 3" x 6" tile staggered on a curved surface will result in a very lumpy and misshapen looking surface.  The longest tile we can use is probably 2".  So that leaves pennyrounds (or similar size) and 1"x2" subway tiles.  I like both.  My only objection to either is that more small tiles is more grout is more dirty.  But grout on the walls is unlikely to get as dirty as grout on a floor.  So we'll take our chances and try to keep it clean.  Here are some examples to fuel the discussion.  (CLICK ANY PIC TO ENLARGE)

Like this.

Love this!! (above) But remember that we will only be using the tile for wainscoting - up to about waist-high.

Note the contrasting grout.

Combo of pennyround walls and large square stone tile floor.


Like it.

But I think I might prefer the 1"x2" subway tiles.

I like this a lot.

I don't like the color, but I like the shape.

photo bathroom tile 10
Too fussy, but nice.

This is what we're talking about I think.

Another shape that might work.

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