Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Floor Palettes

Love this! looked more blue than grey in another version of the pic, which I liked. Like the darkest is steely midnight and the lightest is greyish white. I think this is the only palette I've picked that could conceivably be different values of the same color.  Seems pretty tenant friendly too.  Not too artsy.

I like this green. variations on this.

I think a pink like this and a cooler grey/white would be calming.

Same greeney color, next to some kind of white and/or neutral plywood color. I still like the idea of leaving a little negative space. 

Love this and seems totally doable. Not whimsical enough?

Wasn't thinking about yellow but I LOVE this combo. Sort of a marigold color and charcoal and white. ARG, I know I keep picking things with three diff colors in them which is making things harder, it just looks so cool! I like the contrast.  

But then, I guess we don't have to live with it, so you make the call.  What is best for bidniss?

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