Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Upstate Update - July 4th, 2014 Weekend - Entry Structure Before & After

So here are some before and after photos of the entry structure.  I am posting these because we finally decided to deal with the open framing in the entry structure by replacing it with fat solid maple beams (it ain't cheap, but I think it is an architectural design element of the type that improves resale).  These pix show the progression of that space.

This is the entry structure seen from the upper landing some time last year.  This was before the ceiling was insulated and the space was sheetrocked.  The open framing elements I am describing are the sideways ladder on the upper left and the open rectangles you see dead center above the front door.

This is just a month or two ago after sheetrock was up and not yet taped.  Unfortunately, our then-contractor went to jail while the sheetrockers were working so they never got the message that we didn't want any sheetrock on the open framing you see on the upper left side.  Time for another contractor.  Bummer.  (this is getting to be depressing)
And here is what it looked like this past weekend.  You can see where we replaced all that open framing with the maple beams (AMAZING!!).  That thing right up front is just a makeshift railing to keep folks from falling off the landing into the staircase -- it is a little dangerous still (Okay, a lot dangerous).

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