Thursday, April 24, 2014

Camping In - Part II - Taking out the Trash

Since we only had one demo-hammer, while one of us was battering away at the tiles, the other one was dragging construction debris and demo waste up to the driveway.  There was a ton (literally) of sheetrock remnants heaped in the livingroom that had to go and more than 20 garbage bags full of other garbage - all of it piled or strewn around the house. 

But most upsetting was the immense heap of garbage left behind by our 3rd contractor, that hateful jerk.  He just dumped all his waste in a downstairs storage area.  Among other things, after pulling up that maple floor he had put down so uglified, he piled the naily floorboards in the storage area.  I can hardly think about that idiot without getting angry.

So, in case anyone ever wonders what happened to all this great 4.25" pre-finished, hard maple flooring that I spent weeks collecting from a dumpster and then rented a van to bring up...

Well, I hired a lying, scumbag idiot to install it and now here it is...

It is a little cathartic to get rid of this stuff -- but not enough.  I'm still impossibly angry about it.

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