Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Salvage Score: Perfect Timing

I was headed out to the bank on Saturday with a heavy sack full of a year's worth of spare change to cash in. As I walked down my steps there was a guy walking past my house with a shopping cart full of all sorts of scrap metal he had collected from dumpsters and wherever. Anyway, what really caught my eye was a big (26" x 26") heat register grate with a nice decorative pattern sticking way up out of his shopping cart.

I walked over and asked if I could look at it. He didn't speak much English but he indicated was cool with it. Anyway, the thing is solid and heavy and awesome.  I asked him if he would sell it and we haggled a little and then he yelled to his lady friend across the street for approval and she gave him the green light to sell.

I plopped my bag of change down on the sidewalk and counted out his price and that was that.
It turns out it is solid brass. Suddenly I feel like maybe I should have given him his original asking price. Next time maybe.


This thing is awesome!!
What should we make of it?

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