Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Upstate Update! Staircase Progress!!!

I just received these photos from our builder who, despite my near complete disappearance for the past 8 weeks, has continued to work diligently.  I am pretty pleased with how this looks like it is coming along and I am looking forward to getting back up there to see it with my own eyeballs.  

These first three pix are of the staircase stringers which are having the walnut ply laminated onto them for prettyness!

And this is our builder routing the stringers to mortise the treads into them.

WOWIE ZOWIE!!! It is really happening!!! 

That flat piece he is laminating with walnut is undoubtedly going to be cut into the stringers to be the upper, straight section of the staircase going from the landing to the upstairs hall.

And here are the solid walnut treads!  Big and chunky just like we asked for.

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