Saturday, April 20, 2013

SCORE: Carrara Bianco Gioia Marble - INVENTORY

I stopped by BIGNYC first thing this morning to drop off some cans of paint and varnish and stuff and I saw they still had these 15 unopened boxes of 12"x12" white Carrara marble tiles which I spied last weekend. We still need flooring for the master bath upstate and V and I agreed last year that we would be fine going with white Carrara so it seemed like a good opportunity to get this procurement problem out of the way.  The price for the whole lot was right and I took them all. 150 Square feet. Done!
Anyway, the photos here are of the actual boxes but the picture of the marble itself is a stock photo from the web. We don't actually know how much movement or shading or spider webbing there might be on them. Won't know until we open all the boxes. I guess that is how it works when you buy natural stone - you get what you get. Fortunately they are all Gioia, meaning that they at all quarried from the same region in Messina, Italy. So at least we know they should have some consistency.
Hooray for BIG NYC.

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