Monday, April 2, 2012

CL possibility: Apron Front Sink

There is a Kohler enameled cast iron, apron-front kitchen sink on CL right now.  It is white, model # K6546, dimensions are 33'' wide by 22'' deep by 7.5'' deep - it's a heavy sucker at 134 lbs.  These cost over $1100 new and the seller is asking $150 for this one - brand spanking new, but with an "imperfection" in the enamel at the back corner - a little series of hairline cracks.  
We definitely want an apron front sink (see earlier post on apron-front sinks) but the nice ones cost upwards of $700.  Even the Ikea version costs $312 and it is ceramic, not cast iron.  So, I am inclined to live with the little cracks for the price - it looks lived in but it is not chipping or flaking.  If we were planning to have fancy stone counters cut to fit around it, I would probably think twice, but I think we'll be living with homemade thick wood counters initially.  Anyway, final decision is V's.  See the pictures below. 

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